Underfloor heating has many common myths regarding its installation, use and effectiveness. However, many of these false misconceptions throw people off installing underfloor heating in their space. In this blog, we will go over common underfloor heating myths and talk about the truths.

Underfloor Heating Is Expensive

The idea of underfloor heating being expensive is a common underfloor heating myth. The cost of underfloor heating is usually the main factor in the decision to have it installed. Most of the time, it throws people off. However, the front cost of underfloor heating can be more expensive than traditional heating systems. However, it is a cost-effective option in the long run as it can reduce your energy bills. Although many think purchasing a radiator is cheaper, this is also untrue. As radiators continue to increase in size, the cost also follows the increase. Also, the materials are becoming more expensive to create radiators. This means the cost is followed onto end customers meaning that the price between radiators and underfloor heating is closer than ever!


Underfloor Heating Is Only Available For New Homes

This conception is false. Underfloor heating is an effective option for old and new homes as it has an easy installation. Installing underfloor heating in an older home increases the resale price, creates a greener home and allows your home to have more wall/floor space!

Underfloor Heating Is Pointless In Summer

Most heating systems are used in colder months as there is no reason to use heating during Summer. However, underfloor heating benefits during the warmer months as it allows you to cool floors to a lower temperature and give your area a comfortable temperature throughout the year.


Underfloor Heating Is Left On All Day

This is a common misconception. Although underfloor heating will only be on when needed, a good underfloor heating system can give hours of even heat throughout your space. Therefore, it can feel like your underfloor heating is always on; however it is off, and the heat is just evenly spread.

Underfloor Heating Takes Hours To Heat Up

The first time you use your underfloor heating, it can take a few hours; however, using the proper controls can prevent this. Most screed systems can take 1 – 2 hours to heat a room; however, they can evenly spread heat for several hours. Therefore, many advise you to set your controls on and off before they are required.


It Is Difficult To Install

If you have your underfloor heating installed by an experienced installer, then installing your underfloor heating is easy. Professional installers take care of the whole installation process, taking the stress away from the homeowner. In addition, using the correct tools and techniques within a short period makes installing underfloor heating easy in older homes.

Can’t Be Used With Certain Floor Types

This is another popular underfloor heating myth. Many assume underfloor heating can’t be used with carpet or wooden flooring. However, this is a false misconception. According to the Carpet Foundation, research shows that underfloor heating works with carpets and doesn’t affect the efficiency of underfloor heating. In addition, wooden flooring is also suitable for underfloor heating, and when using engineered wood floors combined with underfloor heating, it creates an ideal stylish and warm home!


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