How do you deal with a noisy cockerel? Although this isn’t a common question, it sometimes happens as we discussed in our recent podcast episode! In this case, a cockerel had been relocated abroad as part of the family “heirloom”. The main problem was that it was now crowing at the wrong time, during the night! As far as we’re aware, there isn’t actually an off the shelf solution for

Here at JCW Underfloor Heating, we provide specialist products and services, including underfloor heating components. We can help you to prepare for underfloor heating, to ensure that the installation process is as smooth as possible. JCW Underfloor Heating supply underfloor heating components for self-builders, installers, distributors and heating contractors. We also provide a quick turnaround, but here’s what you need to do prior to us fitting your underfloor heating: Choose

7 Key Benefits of Underfloor Heating Intro As homeowners have become increasingly aware of the benefits of underfloor heating over conventional radiator systems, it’s no surprise that this is currently one of the fastest growing home improvement projects in the UK and the one to add potential house value overall. Although there is an initial outlay to install the heating, over a surprisingly short time the savings on energy and

Advantages of Underfloor Heating – No Maintenance As there are no moving parts to an underfloor heating system, there is little that can go wrong. If  installed properly by a competent UFH installer , pressure testing of the pipes means any potential leaks will have already been identified at an early stage and dealt with prior to screeding. As a result, one more of the advantages of underfloor heating is

Why Install Under Floor Heating? Under floor heating is a proven environmentally friendly system as well as saving you money! Warm Water UFH and electric systems provide even heat distribution throughout the room, instead of focusing on one area. The radiant warmth allows users adjust down the temp of the heating by a few degrees without feeling any colder. Stats prove under floor heating to be up to 35% more