Pipe Bend Former


Pipe Bend Formers

The Product

Pipe bend formers are also referred to as pipe guiding elbows. They allow heating pipes to be bent at a 90° angle, without forming kinks. Pipe bend formers don’t impede flow within the pipe.


  • The JCW pipe bend former allows installers to hold the pipe in the correct direction, avoiding pipe blockage problems
  • No excessive bending of underfloor pipes
  • Designed to strongly grip the underfloor heating pipe
  • Prevent the underfloor heating pipe from falling out during installation and system operation
  • JCW pipe bend former is manufactured from high-quality materials.


The pipe bend formers successfully guide pipes through floors, ceilings and manifold cabinets, avoiding kinks. They can be applied to any area and can form bends in the pipes, allowing the easy transfer of heat.

Technical Specification

  • Tube size: 14-18mm
  • Dimensions: W 25mm L 125mm Quantity: 100 per box
  • Tube size: 20-22mm
  • Dimensions: W 30mm L 140mm H 145mm Quantity: 50 per box

Material Features

  • JCW pipe bend formers are manufactured from high-quality materials. The ones we supply here at JCW Underfloor Heating are made from plastic.

For more information on our Pipe Bend Formers or our Stock Range of Underfloor Heating Products call us on 01204 548400 or send an email to sales@jcw-underfloorheating.com.

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