Tacker Gun


Tacker GunThe Product

The tacker gun fixes pipes in underfloor heating systems. It efficiently drives the tacker clips into the insulating layer of Styrofoam.


  • Ergonomically designed to be robust
  • Highly reliable
  • Sufficient long handle that allows the operator to use in an upright position (eliminating any excessive stress for the back muscles)
  • Compatible for 40mm and 60mm tacker clips


Used in a standing position, the tacker gun enables you to apply tacker clips efficiently. Clip magazines are held together by a length of removable self-adhesive tape, please ensure that the adhesive strip is removed from the tacker clip cartridge, before tacking down.

Technical Specification

  • The tacker gun supplied by JCW Underfloor Heating is available as the following:
    • Length: 220mm
    • Height: 800mm
    • Width: 150mm

Material Features

  • Tacker guns are constructed of steel and aluminium.

For more information on our Tacker GunsĀ or our Stock Range of Underfloor Heating Products call us on 01204 548400 or send an email to sales@jcw-underfloorheating.com.

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