The Product

60mm Tacker Clips are used to fasten underfloor heating pipes to the insulation layer. The clips can be used in conjunction with pipes of widths varying from 14 – 20mm. The clips are fixed in 25 piece cartridges via an adhesive paper strip. These clips are designed to work in conjunction with a tacker gun.


  • 60mm Tacker Clips allow installers to easily and quickly fix underfloor heating pipe to the insulation layer.
  • Using tacker clips and a tacker gun helps shorten installation times and allows the installer to work in a comfortable upright standing position.>

Technical Data

Several 60mm Tacker Clip cartridges should be put on the quide bar of the tacker gun, directing the ends downwards. The tacker gun should be placed directly over the pipe. Clip and gun are ergonomically designed to neatly fit the pipe The installer can easily drive in the tacker clip by exerting downward pressure on the tacker gun handle.

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