Pipe De-coiler

The Product

The JCW pipe decoiler is a useful tool which allows the unrolling of up to 500m of the underfloor heating pipe. The installation process of installing pipes for wet underfloor heating systems is quick and effective.


  • Ensures a tidy working environment
  • Controlled handling of up to 500m of underfloor heating pipe
  • Minimise damage and tangling to underfloor heating pipe
  • Facilitates the installation of pipework by a single person
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight but very strong and reliable


The JCW UFH pipe decoiler will accept up to 500m of pipe. This can easily be unrolled during the installation process, keeping the working environment free from hazards.

First, you’ll have to place the stand on the ground then mount the reel on the stand. After this you’ll have to lift the arms on the reel (once all the arms are straight the reel is ready to be used.) A pin needs to be attached to the stand to ensure stability and when the centre pipes have been inserted, the pipe decoiler is ready to store your piping.

Technical Specification

  • Used with all types and sizes of underfloor heating pipes to save time and reduce the difficulty of installing underfloor heating pipes.

Material Features

  • Durable Aluminium Frame

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