Universal Clip RailThe Product

Universal clip rail accommodates pipe diameters up to 22mm and is used to hold underfloor heating pipes in place, before screed is applied.


  • Locking grips on the universal clip rail hold the pipes firmly in position
  • Self-adhesive strip makes it easy to position the universal clip rail to the insulation, keeping the installation times to a minimum
  • Accurate
  • Productive alternative to positioning and fixing pipes in place using tacker clips
  • Reliable and robust, resistant to crushing and breaking
  • Integral “Snap-On” tabs at the ends of the rails ensure that they can be securely joined together to any length


Lay the universal clip rail across the floor to create a matrix for the UFH pipe. The self-adhesive backing can attach to the insulation.

There needs to be a 200m space between the universal clip rails and they must be placed 500mm from the walls edges.

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Technical Specification

  • JCW Underfloor Heating universal clip rail is available in 14-22mm (with self-adhesive fixing strip)
  • 100 metres of rail, per box

Material Features

  • Our universal clip rail is manufactured from plastic, meaning it’s especially lightweight.

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