Traditionally, radiators have been the go-to option for heating a room, but underfloor heating is now so adaptable that it can be placed – and enjoyed – in almost any home.

We understand that you could be unsure whether underfloor heating is the best option. So here, we’ll go through the advantages of underfloor heating as a heating option.


Energy Efficient Heating

Radiant heating comes in two types: electric underfloor heating and water-based systems. Both produce even, effective heating that warms a space from the floor up. However, in contrast to electric systems, which employ heating cables buried beneath the floor to provide heat, warm water systems circulate gently heated water through pipes to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Floor heating only needs to operate at a temperature of 29 degrees or less, based on the floor finish, to warm the space adequately, as opposed to traditional radiators, which must be heated to a high temperature. Lower temperatures use less energy and can significantly reduce your energy costs.


More Room & Design Options 

You can create the home of your dreams without worrying about radiators taking up valuable wall space thanks to underfloor heating systems. Imagine your creative flexibility with heated floors – you can decorate the walls however you like without planning around radiators; even the most modern radiators take up space.

Every room in your house can have underfloor heating installed, which can be utilised as the primary or secondary heating source in conjunction with your existing heating system.


Suitable For All Floor Coverings 

With underfloor heating, you can utilise every square inch of your home’s wall and floor space. Additionally, you are free to select the type of flooring you prefer because floor heating is compatible with a wide range of floor finishes, including laminate, wood, tile, stone, carpet, and more!


Comfort and Safety 

You no longer have to be concerned about hot radiator surfaces or sharp radiator edges when younger family members are present. The heating system is safely concealed and won’t become uncomfortable to touch.

Since it keeps the air in a room clean and full of oxygen, radiant heat is also significantly better for the air quality in that space. Radiators, however, raise uncomfortable temperatures and lower oxygen levels. While this would not occur with a floor heating system, the thermal circulation caused by air rising to the ceiling and falling again causes all the dust to move in circles.


Underfloor Heating

If you want to install underfloor heating, then contact us today! Our team would love to help you pick out the best system for you!

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