Will My Pets Be Safe Sleeping On Underfloor Heating?

Before deciding whether to install an underfloor heating system in their home, most homeowners have questions about safety, despite the many benefits of underfloor heating. Whether these systems are secure for their pets is one of the most frequent queries we receive. Naturally, pets spend a lot of time sitting, lying down, and strolling on the floors of your house. Could the heating system you choose hurt them? 

Here, we discuss if underfloor heating is safe for animals and address if homeowners with pets can use underfloor heating systems.

Is Underfloor Heating Too Hot For Pets To Walk On?

It makes sense to have some questions about whether or not underfloor heating will make the floor uncomfortable to walk on. However, this is not the case because underfloor heating systems maintain a comfortable heat level s it doesn’t irritate the skin. 

You are not dealing with boiling water or superheated steam because the water temperature in underfloor heating pipes is typically limited to between 140 and 180 °F. Additionally, you can precisely and effectively manage the temperature in each room in your house. Therefore, the likelihood of water being dangerously hot is highly unlikely. 

Of course, this makes walking over it more luxurious and pleasant, but also ideal for families with pets since they won’t overheat or feel uneasy within your house!

Extra Comfort and Better Health

Pets enjoy the cosiness that an underfloor heating system can provide with its even distribution of warmth throughout the whole surface area of the floor. Due to the extra comfort underfloor heating offers, many pets prefer to rest on it rather than in their beds. In addition, underfloor heating can offer much-needed comfort for animals with aches, pains, or joint issues. 

As well as this, underfloor heating prevents the circulation of dust particles that can cause allergies or sickness. Homeowners can take advantage of the better humidity and a healthier environment free of dust mites and mould, which is especially helpful for people who experience allergies or respiratory issues.

Safer Than Radiators

An underfloor heating system’s electrical or control box is concealed. This is because underfloor heating systems are often mounted 4 to 5 feet off the ground and are firmly affixed to the wall. They are hardly noticeable because of how well-kept and orderly their installation is. 

Since underfloor heating systems don’t produce hot surfaces that could result in burns, they are a safer alternative to radiators. In addition, the pipes are securely tucked beneath the floor, so your pet can’t touch any hot pipes! On the other hand, exposed radiator pipes can be quite dangerous while the heating system is on. 

Are Pets Safe With Underfloor Heating?

With underfloor heating, you never need to worry about maintenance after installation, and since all heating is concealed beneath the floor, there are no hot surfaces that could burn your pets as there would be with a radiator meaning your pets will be extra safe as well as loving the cosiness!

If you are considering installing underfloor heating in your home, contact us today! Our experts would love to help you with your process.