1. Advantages of Underfloor Heating – No Maintenance

As there are no moving parts to an underfloor heating system, there is little that can go wrong. If  installed properly by a competent UFH installer , pressure testing of the pipes means any potential leaks will have already been identified at an early stage and dealt with prior to screeding. As a result, one more of the advantages of underfloor heating is there are no regular maintenance costs to incur unlike traditional convection heating.


 2. Advantages of Underfloor Heating – Comfort

One of the many floor heating advantages is that underfloor heating heats the whole floor area in which you live. This generates the opposite heat cycle to that of conventional heat sources and results in warm feet and consistent room temperatures. Compared to conventional radiators, an underfloor heating system generates more radiant heat as opposed to convective heat. With radiators the thing that you need to be mindful of is that dust can be accumulated  over time .If the radiators are switched on the dust is then transmitted back into the room which can cause issues with people who suffer from dust allergies ,etc.,


3. Advantages of Underfloor Heating – Freedom of room design

Another example of underfloor heating advantages is that floor heating allows you the freedom to design your room layout without compromise. You have the flexibility to locate your furniture where you wish, suiting your lifestyle needs and not your heating system as no space is lost to radiators. As most people are aware radiators do take up a substantial area and can also be   hazardous if people have young children in the house who are prone to touching hot surfaces .


4. Advantages of Underfloor Heating – Flexible Controls

Unlike traditional convection heating systems which are often controlled by a single thermostat, a floor heating system provides the flexibility to control individual rooms via thermostats. These can be easily programmed to meet the demands of a particular area instead of wasting energy and money heating areas of the property which are used less often than others. This ensures that people can control the heat in the house and by doing so save money on their fuel bills .


5. Advantages of Underfloor Heating – Safety

With lower flow temperatures and no protruding radiators, installing and using a floor heating system means there is no longer a risk to small children and other vulnerable groups sustaining injury through burning. This is very important when people have inquisitive children !!!!


  1. Advantages of Underfloor Heating – Health & Well Being

Floor heating advantages are also demonstrated by the fact that an underfloor heating system produces less airborne dust than the amounts associated with radiators and convection currents. This is a real plus for asthma sufferers and people with allergies. The health implications are very important if people are suffering from allergies which can be controlled by installing UFH .


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