Why Install Under Floor Heating?

Under floor heating is a proven environmentally friendly system as well as saving you money!

Warm Water UFH and electric systems provide even heat distribution throughout the room, instead of focusing on one area. The radiant warmth allows users adjust down the temp of the heating by a few degrees without feeling any colder. Stats prove under floor heating to be up to 35% more fuel efficient than a conventional radiator system.


Under floor heating can work alone or they can be linked to existing heating systems. Making UFH the ideal choice for conservatories and extensions, and means you can retain the present heating system in the rest of your property.
A big plus with under floor heating is that you can arrange your furniture anyway that pleases you. Conventionally heating systems (radiators) seem to take up space needed and the heat source loses effectiveness because it can get blocked by furniture. Radiators tend to be on under windows and much of the heat is lost instantly. Under floor heating systems are hidden beneath the floor, allowing the heat to gently rise providing a warm ambient temperature.
Under floor heating are proving extremely popular in all kinds of properties where modern aesthetics are critical.

 Under floor heating is safe

Unfortunately, conventional radiators get very hot which presents danger where the young or elderly are concerned. Under floor heating removes these potential hazards, therefore is proving a popular choice for Nurseries, Care Homes and Hospitals.
Is underfloor heating right for me? The final say!

Underfloor heating’s main attraction without doubt is comfort. The way either type of system heats a room means not only will your feet be nice and warm, but the heat throughout the room being heated, will be evenly distributed.

If you have a stone floor with underfloor heating built in, the heat will be retained, even when the window is open. Compared to the way radiator heat dissipates — the second a draft enters a room — that can be an attractive proposition.

It also provides a very clean and minimal look. A bathroom with underfloor heating has no additional clutter created by bulky radiators.